• A client in the construction and asset management industry operated across a myriad of systems and applications.
  • There was no central point for customers to view data, manage activates or raise requests.
  • The asked DMRC for support to bring data sources together through an enterprise grade architecture.
  • Services needed to be able to evolve and mature with the organisation over time.
  • User experience was a key area of focus to improve customer’s ability to manage activities on a self-serve basis.


  • DMRC identified and partnered with a software supplier to support technical development.
  • We undertook detailed analysis of the client’s user requirements and advised on best practices during the decision making process.
  • We designed a serverless architecture based on Microsoft Azure that could scale up and down based on demand.
  • A modern, clean and engaging user interface was designed to allow customers to access the information they needed.
  • We designed a modular application with microservices in mind, to enable the client to extend and customise the solution in the future.


  • Full transformation of customer experience through a seamless web service
  • Reduced pressure on business teams to handle customer queries and request through a self-serve model
  • Improved data management through the reduction of point-to-point connection via an Azure service Bus and integration layer APIs.