Enterprise technology providers and consultants, have done an excellent job in convincing organisations that digital transformations must cost billions of pounds and include a myriad of technical experts. However, most of these transformations have not achieved the expected benefits. The Engineering and Construction industry finds itself in a position where many organisations do not have the funds to embark on multi-billion-pound transformations. Consequently, the construction industry must think creatively about how to infuse digital technology into its operations.

The good news is, adopting digital technology does not have to break the bank. While enterprise transformations are costly, many activities throughout the transformation are of low value. Other industries have already begun adopting open-source and off-the-shelf solutions to build digital capabilities for little capital cost. Open-source technologies offer robust proven frameworks to develop digital solutions for a fraction of the cost of transitional enterprise technologies. At DMRC, we develop cost-effective solutions through open-source and off-the-shelf technology for clients to build powerful capabilities quickly.

The accessibility and ease of adoption are fundamental considerations. Organisations must adopt solutions based on fit to ensure internal advocates create benefits from the technology.

At DMRC, we take an agnostic approach to technology by identifying the activities that will benefit from digital technology. We advise our clients to ensure value is created from the beginning of a project. Using off-the-shelf technologies allows for tools that do not deliver the expected benefits to be disposed of quickly and refocus the organisation on value-add technology which makes a difference.

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