• A government client involved in delivering and managing assets asked DMRC to support the development of an app to manage information during the handover of construction assets
  • Projects were often disconnected due to the number of suppliers involved and the volume of information created resulting in duplication, multiple versions of truth, and wasted time
  • Critical failures were designed into projects due to a lack of accountability and limited audit trails
  • DMRC were asked to develop a POC that would ensure stakeholders were more involved, information centralised and best practices could be enforced, thus helping in minimising future risk


  • DMRC worked with the client to understand the key pain points
  • We designed wireframe of the potential solution and worked with the client to ensure they understand the work flow
  • To enable the client to better connect their vast amount of mostly text based project information, we designed a machine learning model to link similar requirements together
  • The client required a workable product for a very limited budget, therefore we had to use an innovative approach to implement the app


  • Significantly improved the tracking of accountability including approvals and audit trails
  • AI enabled an entirely new ability to manage information and knowledge
  • Ability to design templates, reduced time and effort to mobilise new projects while enforcing best practices