• DMRC was asked to identify and deliver process optimisation though innovation . 
  • HS2 identified cost allocation as a key enabler to manage cost and personnel utilisation more effectively. 
  • Cost allocation was a highly manual process, affecting on-site, commercial and finance function’s ability to manage cost.
  • Common in the industry, teams had no visibility of resource utilsation or team productivity
  • Inconsistent reporting of data often resulting in estimates for new work being based on false assumptions 


  • DMRC worked with client teams to map the existing process  in detail.
  • We worked with stakeholders to identify key pinpoints and barriers.
  • Based on the insights, we designed a digital transformation strategy and roadmap.
  • We developed a detailed design of an innovative new site data management platform and integrated it through an API with other core site system.
  • The platform automated data feeds to enabled site personnel to seamlessly capture cost and site information on a unified platform.
  • Cost and time savings were a key area of focus when designing the solution.


  • £50M in cost savings. The platform enabled HS2 to track site activities in real-time. The new solution helped HS2 to remove manual re-entering of data while helping site teams to understand and manage cost at more granular levels than ever before.

  • Because the client did not have a technical team in-house, DMRC developed the solution as a standalone product  (Allo) that is used by the client and other major organisations in the industry which provided a sustainable and cost effective solution.