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Building Solutions to Automate Data In Construction

We are a London based technology company on a mission to fix data and information management in construction.

Data is rapidly becoming the core pillar of construction, but the industry lacks the solutions to unlock it's power.

The industry is embarking on one of the worlds largest transformations to become digital, data-driven and achieve net-zero carbon. We are building the tools to accelerate this transition.

Relentless quest for productivity & efficiency

Industry transition to net-zero & sustainability

Digital and seamlessly integrated supply chains

We Are Building The Solutions For Data And Information Management In Construction

We follow a multi-product strategy, because we believe the construction industry is in need of new solutions to handle data and information.


The Automate Button For Construction Data

Allo helps construction companies to capture better data faster. Allo focuses on people, plant, material and environmental data and generates insights into site operations like never before.

  • Site Data Problem

    You can't fix what you don't know. Good data is critical to make construction companies more efficient but capturing this data is manual and error prone. We are building Allo to fix this.

DataGrid (Part of Allo)

Supply chain data exchange & integration

Exchanging and integrating data is extremely difficult in construction. Dynamic supply chains and the variety of tools used make it impossible to integrate and exchange data automatically. DataGrid is the data platform that powers all our apps. It allows easy integration and sharing of data across organisations without the need to worry about technical infrastructure and databases.

  • Data Exchange Problem

    Construction projects share enormous volumes of data through excel files, emails, and file sharing systems which is error prone, manual and hugely inefficient. DataGrid fixes this.


Intelligent Handover Management

Rockr is intelligent construction handover management. It helps contractors and owners manage construction requirements from brief to handover. It uses AI and analytics to automate information management so nothing ever falls through the cracks again.

  • Handover & Closeout Problem

    The interface between contractors and owners is fundamentally broken. Rework, disputes, chaotic information and underperforming assets are problems Rockr is addressing.


AI-powered procurement fraud detection

Booly is AI-powered fraud and error detection. Building on expertise gained from working with the NHS in the UK, Booly provides the world’s most advanced e2e toolkit for contractors and clients to identify and mitigate fraud and error risks.

  • Fraud & Error Problem

    According to Grant Thornton, Fraud and error costs the global construction industry up to 10% of revenue. Booly is a first of its kind AI platform to help organisations detect risk and mitigate losses.

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